Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Crystal Antlers + Times New Viking + The Sticks > Plano B > Live Recording

I wanted to see Crystal Antlers live since I heard their terrific first EP on Touch&Go two years ago. And last night's show - their first in Portugal - did not disappoint at any level. Actually I was surprised with how faithful they are to their sound on record. They go from tempestuous noise songs to more contemplative and organ-driven moves, giving everything they have in each song, as you could see from the sweaty faces, some shirtless bodies and an incredible percussionist named Sexual Chocolate who played cymbals and hand-drums while doing a sort of odd tribal dance. Great concert.
Before Crystal Antlers we had The Sticks playing a very cool, very cheerful 60's-influenced punk and Times New Viking. These last ones were a total bummer. That nice lo-fi garage they have on record was completely lost on stage and replaced by some flimsy rock songs. Nothing else to add, besides that I regret having recorded their whole performance and just one song from The Sticks.
The Crystal Antlers' live recording includes 3 songs I couldn't identify (one of them was "recorded last month in Mexico"), one surprising Bob Dylan cover and a very special moment - Crystal Antlers playing an unorthodox Happy Birthday to the promoter of the show. Lucky guy!

Crystal Antlers - Vexation Live at Plano B by ashtapes
Times New Viking - Live #8 by ashtapes
The Sticks Live at Plano B by ashtapes

Set List
1. Until The Sun Dies (Part 2) | 2. Vexation | 3. Dead Horses | 4. ??? | 5. Little Sister | (6. Happy Birthday Joaquim) | 7. Andrew | 8. A Thousand Eyes | 9. ??? | 10. ??? | 11. Owl | 12. Swollen Sky | 13. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Bob Dylan) | 14. Parting Song For The Torn Sky

Download: Crystal Antlers at Plano B

Download: Times New Viking at Plano B


Anonymous said...

gravam em mp3?

Anonymous said...

hopefully your sonic youth tape will sound like this

Big Crashing Beat said...

Thanks for the TNV. I agree they are very different live, but I like them both ways round and this is a nice recording! I am about to post a show of theirs on my blog.

But there is other stuff there too if you don't care for TNV.


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