Thursday, 18 March 2010

Russian Circles > Plano B > Live Recording

Here is the complete live recording of Russian Circles at Plano B, Porto, last tuesday. The sound was recorded directly to a digital recorder, which means that the quality is not great but, given the circumstances, i think it's quite acceptable. Throughout the recording you will hear the voice of an annoying girl that didn't keep her mouth shut during the entire concert but, anyway, I'm pretty sure this will bring nice memories of RC impressive performance.

1_Harper Lewis | 2_Malko | 3_Hexed All | 4_Death Rides A Horse | 5_Philos | 6_Youngblood | 7_Geneva | 8_Carpe | (Encore) | 9_Station

In case you have any doubts, here's a teaser:
Russian Circles - Station Live at Plano B by ashtapes

Download: Russian Circles at Plano B 16 03 2010

Sound editing by peppefritto&davide cairo

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Anonymous said...

thanks nice recording , saw them twice this year (Paris+Roadburn) , very good band ; just two things : you should cut it in individual songs and next time , kill this bitch if she can't shut up