Friday, 19 March 2010

Beach House > CCVF > Live Recording

Here's the live recording of Beach House's last european tour date, in Guimarães. Once again, we had to record the show without the proper equipment, but it came out in a decent quality. Beach House played the new critically acclaimed Teen Dream almost in its entirety plus a few songs from their previous albums. Cloudy atmospheres and warm textures in a concert where time passed unnoticed.
Download this space trip below.

1_Walk In The Park | 2_Lover Of Mine | 3_Gila | 4_Better Times | 5_Norway | 6_Silver Soul | 7_Master Of None | 8_Used To Be | 9_Zebra | 10_Heart Of Chambers | 11_Take Care | (Encore) | 12_Astronaut | 13_10 Miles Stereo

Here you can taste a bit of the black and white horse:
Beach House - Zebra Live at CCVF by ashtapes

Download: Beach House at CCVF 18 03 2010

Due to some requests, I decided to split the file in separated tracks. This .zip file includes all the 13 songs of the concert plus the artwork we made so that you can have your itunes all fancy. Here you go:


Nuno said...

Boa malha!: in a nice place; tky

João Marques said...

Tá com uma qualidade fantastica :)

Como fizeste a gravação?

Estou a dividir isto em faixas agora :)

Anonymous said...


Perti said...

alguém sabe qual e de quem é a música com a qual a banda entrou em palco?

joão said...

joão, o ficheio já está disponível em faixas separadas. se por acaso puseste o teu ficheiro a circular, agradecia-te que o removesses e linkasses o blog.

João Marques said...


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It is a magnificent band, this tour was one of the best for them.

kamagra said...

I really enjoy the music of Beach House and even get to relax before bed, sometimes I see this video, that is yummy!

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Thank you! I love hearing live recordings of them!