Sunday, 7 November 2010

Live Recording > Sun Araw at Passos Manuel, Porto

Sun Araw Live at Passos Manuel
Porto, Portugal 04.11.2010
Recording Equipment: CA-14 > STC 9100 > Tascam DR-07

Just a few weeks after the release of his new EP Off Duty, Cameron Stallones aka Sun Araw -- who is also responsible for one of this year's essential LPs, On Patrol -- played a much anticipated gig in Porto. The concert took place last thursday in a small downtown cinema and was part of Sun Araw's european fall tour with live collaborator (and Sohni Chambers partner) Nick Malkis.

Using reverb-drenched guitar lines, looping pedals, haunted organs, old-school samples and Stallones' mantric vocals, Sun Araw took us on a splendid sonic trip that has as much of adventure as it has of nostalgia. And I think this audio recording pretty much captures that cosmic, past-meets-future blending of tropical psychedelia, dub, drone, reggae, free-jazz and afrobeat that makes Stallones one of the most interesting and creative artists from the prolific city of Los Angeles.

I can't figure out which are the missing songs from the setlist so they might be new tunes or just something that I'm not recognizing -- any hints would be appreciated. As a teaser, I've uploaded below Sun Araw's stunning cover of Neil Young's "Barstool Blues". Enjoy!

1. Last Chants | 2. Canopy | 3. Heavy Deeds | 4. Ma Holo | 5. ??? | 6. ??? | 7. Barstool Blues (Neil Young Cover) | Encore: 8. Horse Steppin'

Sun Araw - Barstool Blues Live (Neil Young Cover) by ashtapes

Download: Sun Araw Live at Passos Manuel


Anonymous said...

nice recording man. i've been wanting to hear a recording of that 6th track. i saw sun araw play it at the echo curio and it ruled.

Sam said...

This is pretty damn late, but if you haven't figured it out by now, track 5 is Crete and 6 is Impluvium (both from Ancient Romans)