Thursday, 21 October 2010

Photos > Abe Vigoda + Male Bonding + No Age > XOYO, London

From the dawns of Kid City, tropical punk wildhearts Abe Vigoda have accostumed their thirsty audience with a constant reinvention of their signature sound. Throwing Shade at previously acclaimed Reviver and Skeleton, they charge into a packed XOYO with happiness fueled Pure Violence, reminding us of the live energy that made us love them in the first place. Crush(ed).
Nothing Hurts
like the sound of the Paradise Vendors - London based trio Male Bonding prepares us for No Age with Weird Feelings and a mosh-pit induced Crooked Scene. Nothing Remains, only sweat and smiles.
Come the headliners of the night, LA-based, California-raised Life Prowler(s) No Age. Prepare for the usual bombastic live performance, and forget about everything else - a Brain Burner sound that leaves us Fever Dreaming with Ripped Knees. Everything in Between shines in Glitter colors, explodes in extreme crowd surfing and leaves us, as usual, wanting for more and more.

All Photos & Text by Bruna Volpi / 14.10.2010

Abe Vigoda

Male Bonding

No Age

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