Thursday, 14 October 2010

New Tapes > Sohni Chambers: Yaw-Mah-Ha

Sohni Chambers
Yaw-Mah-Ha (Goaty Tapes, 2010)

If you're familiar with Sun Araw's trippy gems, you'll be certainly thrilled with Cameron Stallones' side-project, Sohni Chambers. Featuring solely Stallones on the Galaxie 8180 organ and his live collaborator Nick Malkin on the 5-piece drum-kit, Sohni Chambers is like a primitive, guitar-less side of Stalonnes' main venture in which all that sun-kissed psychedelia returns to its most raw, embryonic state. If you think of Sun Araw as the moment when you're laid semi-unconscious on the floor with your mind spinning in another dimension because you were hit in the head (which is more or less how I feel when I listen to it), then Sohni Chambers is the moment before that, when you're knocked-out but not yet seeing stars.
Yaw-Mah-Ha was recorded in Los Angeles last May and is now available through Goaty Tapes. According to Altered Zones, its song titles were named after the time of the day they were actually recorded. But while our friends gave you 2:47pm, we set our watches to 3:18pm.

A.1) 2:47pm
A.2) 3:18pm
A.3) 9:23pm
B.1) 10:04am
B.2) 7:36pm
B.3) 5:12pm

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