Thursday, 13 May 2010

M*ASHtape #7

And if looking always for fresh sounds will make us forget about what we really like, about what really makes us dance, sing, dream? This mix has no claim of collect the last music avant-garde. But it's about thoughtless, nostalgic, easy-listening and honest songs, the ones that will last in your mind, soundtrack of this passing time.

when i'm with you_best coast | oh modern girls_the art museums | babyskins_family portrait | tiny sioux_box elders | drink, fight & fuck_graffiti island | arm's advice_the fresh & onlys | left_kitchen's floor | possessed by someone else_jonny telafone | wandering soul_screen germs | bric jaz_sic alps | butt-house blondies_ariel pink's hanuted graffiti | cypress_magic lantern | rambling_the yolks | sun medallion_king tuff

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