Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Intelligence > Sala Monasterio > Live Recording

As you've may noticed before, the two persons behind this blog are from -- and live in -- different countries. I am from Portugal, while charlie is from Italy. The reason why we (try to) write in english is because that's actually the way we (try to) communicate with each other, as my attempts to speak in italian are pathetic and charlie's portuguese is, well, funny. As if our communication problems weren't already enough, we met last week in Barcelona, Spain, spicing up our peculiar vocabulary with some lousy spanish and catalan.
We're still licking our fingers from those delicious patates braves, but here's a small recuerdo we brought to you. The Intelligence are one of our favourite lo-fi american bands and they played a gig in Sala Monasterio, a sort of basement near Port Vell, that we couldn't miss. There weren't many people there, but there was a great, sweaty atmosphere in the room with the crowd responding frenetically to their flipped out, incendiary garage songs. The sound was loud as it should be and we left the place with the feeling it was a very special night.

1. Moody Tower | 2. Like Like Like Like Like Like Like | 3. The Universe | 4. Debt & ESP | 5. ??? | 6. Block Of Ice | 7. Dating Cops | 8. ??? | 9. Virgos | 10. The Unessential Cosmic Perspective | 11. Moon Beeps | 12. Tubes | 13. The World Is Not A Drag | 14. Thank You God For Fixing The Tape | 15. Universal Babysitter | 16. ??? | 17. Pony People | 18. Males | 19. Confidence | 20. Cheer Up Switch

The Intelligence - Universal Babysitter Live at Sala Monasterio by ashtapes

Download: The Intelligence at Sala Monasterio


Anonymous said...

Fantastic recording, thank you!
Check out my friend's blog that also features our recordings of Intelligence and Thee Oh Sees in L.A. and S.F.-

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