Monday, 13 September 2010

New Tapes > Wealth Plant: Friends

Wealth Plant
Friends (Yew Nork, 2010)

MP3: Wealth Plant - Bart Oates
MP3: Wealth Plant - Police Wives

Jean Sebastian Audet from Calgary, Canada is one busy young guy. He is part of the lo-fi rock duo Faux Fur (they have a nice split with Ghost Animal on Scoth Tapes), instrumental hip-hop project Zouk Fuck and the man behind the micro-label Yew Nork and this very cool blog. Friends is his debut solo effort under the nickname Wealth Plant. It's 16 minutes of simple guitar riffs haunted by a lot of noisy reverberation, almost imperceptible echoing vocals and some other low-end samples. Ah, the beautiful weirdness of youth.

Tracklist after the jump.

A.1) Road Sounds
A.2) Bart Oates
A.3) Poetic Feet
A.4) Der Fuhrer
B.1) Police Wives
B.2) Wwuck Ffork
B.3) Bart I's
B.4) Bible Fruit

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