Sunday, 12 September 2010

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Outer Spacist
Tape (Dub Ditch Picnic, 2010)

MP3: Sample from Outer Spacist's Tape

If you've ever wondered how outer space sounds like, your curiosity ends here. It seems that some dudes in Ohio, US discovered that the void that exists between stars and planets is a place full of low density particles of garage rock and psychedelic radiation. Luckily they were able to record these sonic waves and put it on a 30-minute tape under the name Outer Spacist that you can now buy on Dub Ditch Picnic.

Check the tracklist after the break.

A.1.) Beverly Pills Go, Go, Go, (Intro)
A.2.) Frequency of Souls
A.3) Outer Space Is The Place
A.4) San Francisco, California
A.5) To Cross A Frozen River, Alright Baby
A.6) Chanute, Kansas
A.7) Clintonville, Ohio
A.8) Upper Arlington, Ohio
A.9) Outer Spacism
A.10) Confused and Dazed (Outro)

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duane said...

just got my order in mail. and i uv it! its my winter theme casset now as i take long bus rides 2 school everyday :)