Monday, 20 September 2010

New Tapes > Campfire: Camphires

Camphires (Ace Of Tapes, 2010)

One year after their debut cassette, Beach at the Top of the Mountain, Campfire are back for some more weird and improvised music that appeals to the most inner parts of your brain. Recorded both live and home, Camphires is a C32 available for purchase on Ace Of Tapes. I like the hypnotic description provided by the label: "This is a fade town. The sun is always going over the mountain and coming back around the other side. It's slow-going and short and yet a lot of ground is covered. Zones come in and out. You get lost and find yourself miles from where you were just laying... light just broke into the cave you were cautiously exploring... and now you're floating... above the ocean. Where is the ground? I don't know." Pssst, wake up!

A.1) Camphires Pt. 1
B.1) Camphires Pt 2

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