Friday, 17 September 2010

New Tapes > Ghost Animal: Summer Time in Heaven

Ghost Animal
Summer Time in Heaven (Summer Time in Hell, 2010)

MP3: Ghost Animal - Vanity Affair

Here it is, at last, Ghost Animal's debut cassette, Summer Time in Heaven, which is also the first physical release of Summer Time in Hell (i remotely suspect there is a connection here), the micro-label run by Mat Cothran from Coma Cinema, in collaboration with Orchid Tapes. We recently sat down (well, not literally) with Michael Avishay from the californian duo for a very nice Q&A and besides describing their sound as "dark, gloomy, ginsoaked bedroom pop dying to get out of the summer" and citing influences such as Jesus & The Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine, he also gave us a very interesting and personal insight about the making of this album. You can first download the record for free here and then buy it over there.

A.1) Change Your Mind
A.2) Dreams
A.3) Single Man
A.4) Vanity Affair
A.5) One Night
A.6) Summer Time in Heaven
B.1) Through Your Eyes
B.2) Fever Not Dead
B.3) Some Other Time
B.4) California Summer Pt. 1
B.5) Out Of Reach
B.6) In Your Room

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