Tuesday, 21 September 2010

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Telephone Callers
Volumes I & II (Fixture Records, 2010)

In case you're a little tired of chillwave candies, here's some bloody uncooked meat for you. Telephone Callers are a garage punk combo from Michigan and they just put out a compilation of recordings on Fixture Records that is one of the most schizophrenic, chaotic and cool things I've heard recently. Volumes I & II is a double-cassette, 36-song freak out where burning guitars jostle and collide with eerie keyboards and possessed drums while someone is babbling something that only vaguely resembles english. It's like everyone is too drunk to play and just about to collapse on the floor. And yet, somehow it works -- or maybe it doesn't work and that's the charm of it. Get this handmade, hardcover book, jacket-style box with the mp3s included here.

Cassette 1
A.1) Escathon
A.2) Lucky You
A.3) Not Completed
A.4) Defect
A.6) Show Me How You Live
A.7) Cancer Free
A.8) Natural Feelin
A.9) Forget It
B.1) Like
B.2) Cant Get It Up
B.3) Supermarket
B.4) Miss Halloway
B.5) Wasting Seed
B.6) Dog Song
B.7) Morel Man
B.8) Electron
B.9) Sorry I Lost Your Dog
Cassette 2
A.1) Hello Baby
A.2) Sittin Around
A.3) Half Boner
A.4) The Spirit
A.5) Cheers
A.6) Soul City
A.7) Rebel Yell
A.8) Am I Wrong
A.9) Crippling Depression
B.1) Charlemagne
B.2) No Child Left Behind
B.3) Fantasy
B.4) Bike Cops
B.5) Coma
B.6) Alpha People
B.7) White Employer
B.8) Hourglass
B.9) Marijuana

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