Saturday, 11 September 2010

New Tapes > Blackbird Blackbird: Summer Heart

Blackbird Blackbird
Summer Heart (Wonder Beard Tapes, 2010)

It's not all about Teen Daze today on Wonder Beard Tapes. You can finally start pre-ordering Mikey Sander's (also known as Blackbird Blackbird and formerly known as Bye Bye Blackbird) debut LP Summer Heart on cassette edition. His two previous free EPs (Rarities and Modern Desbelief), videos, covers and remixes are literally in every single blog out there, so I guess you've probably heard this glowing dreamwave somewhere, somehow before. If you're interested order it as soon as possible as edition is limited to 100 copies and tapes will probably fly like two tiny little black birds.

Check the tracklist below.

A.1) Blurring Lines
A.2) Summer Heart
A.3) Pure
A.4) Happy High
A.5) Hawaii
A.6) Sunspray
A.7) Float On
A.8) Ups & Down
B.1) Heartbeat
B.2) Let’s Move On Together
B.3) So Sorry Girl
B.4) Aura
B.5) Kings
B.6) Avalanche
B.7) Dreams I Create

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