Friday, 1 October 2010

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Black Hole, Hi Five (Atelier Ciseaux, 2010)

MP3: CVLTS - Liquid Dinosaurs

"I think this EP is kind of like falling asleep with the TV on... everything just seeps in. At some point you've gotta detox it out of your system to stay mentally fresh". That's how Gaurav from CVLTS introduced me his new EP, Black Hole, Hi Five, out today on Atelier Ciseaux. After listening to it, I cannot find better words to describe it. I highly recommend you to embark on this mind dazzling trip.
Black Hole, Hi Five comes in a beautifully crafted and extremely limited (30 copies) edition of home-painted black tapes including a vintage, religious-themed picture postcard (some of them handwritten -- how cool is that?). Back off, one's mine.

Here's an awesome trailer featuring two songs from Black Hole, Hi Five, edited by AAVV:

A.1) Logic Control
A.2) Flooded Forest
A.3) Flittering
A.4) Popsickle Cells
A.5) Microrangers
B.1) Space Junk
B.2) Pizza Reality
B.3) Burrow Bees
B.4) Liquid Dinosaurs

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