Monday, 4 October 2010

Fresh Blood > Cloudland Canyon

Name: Cloudland Canyon
Origin: US
Genre: Dream Pop, Experimental

from the album Fin Eaves (Holy Mountain, 2010)
from the album Fin Eaves (Holy Mountain, 2010)

Read a short Q&A with Cloudland Canyon after the break.


1. How would you describe your sound in a few words? 
Hard to say. Someone recently called us "ambient punk," which we'd never heard before. Kraut-inspired ambient pop, maybe. Noise, drone, whatever is fine, really.

2. Name 3 bands without whom you wouldn't exist. 
The Velvet Underground, the Bee Gees, Brian Eno...the basics.

3. If you'd have the chance to work with any film director, who would that be?
Roman Polanski.                                                                

4. Tell us a bit about the making of these songs. 
I wrote something like 70 songs, selected the handful I thought might be ok, and spent a lot of time working on them before they were recorded. It was nearly a two-year process. 

5. Do you still buy CDs/vinyl/ tape?
Vinyl is really all I've ever bought.

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