Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Fresh Blood > Tropical Punk

Tropical Punk
> Ithaca, New York, US
> Tropical Punk

MP3: "Why Don't We Take A Ride"
from American Kids EP (Daisy Nites, 2010)
MP3: "Together In Texas"
from American Kids EP (Daisy Nites, 2010)
[Download the whole split - with Dandy Little Lions and The Liberty Belles EP here]

> Tropical Punk:
«We like dinosaurs and animals. We’re tired and lonely and we love to have fun. We sing songs about girls and parties and play sad songs for sweet hearts. We are sentimental and proud of our fathers. We like fondling fun and swinging doors. We love drinking. We play music for sad situations & good times. Will you sleep over?»

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