Saturday, 23 October 2010

Fresh Blood > Thunder Bunny

Thunder Bunny
> New Jersey, US
> Psychedelic, Folk

MP3: "The Whole World Gathered To Watch Him Fade Away"
from the In A Perfect World cassette (Workerbee Records, 2010)
MP3: "Sleepy Head"
from the In A Perfect World cassette (Workerbee Records, 2010)
[Get In A Perfect World here]

> Christopher Padula / Thunder Bunny:
«I guess I'd say that Thunder Bunny is gloomy, psychedelic drug-pop or the sounds of a world of dark and sad sex as heard through a tin can.
I love distance in music but for it to still have power... Like a storm that you may hear but doesn't always hit. Music that through it's meloncholy says "there is nothing left to do but f#ck".
I listen most to music that takes you places. The way Chet Baker's or Astrud Gilberto's voice can drift with you down a stream. My favorite songs ever are "I'll Be You Mirror" and "Moon River". Some songs can make the world end.
I really just write folky pop songs on an acoustic guitar and that to this point has always been the first thing I record. But all the while there is a hundred things in my head. So once I get the acoustic down to a click; it's just one thing after another. It's a challenge sometimes to remember everything because I don't really know how to play any of these instruments and I have left the studio having forgotten to put instruments in a song that I'd intended to...»

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