Wednesday, 15 September 2010

New Tapes > Cough Cool: Epic Dreams

Cough Cool
Epic Dreams (Mirror Universe, 2010)

Some people like to wear Misfits t-shirts. Some people like to do Misfits covers. Some people like to name their musical projects after Misfits songs. Dan Svizeny, who is also a member of Nude Beach, is at least part of this last category of people. Cough Cool is his solo moniker and it's all about fuzzed out, post-depressive bedroom-pop intimacy with a shoegaze touch. Epic Dreams compiles some old unreleased stuff and follows the much buzzed-about Slow Fuck digital EP. Get it here.

A.1) Flower Reading
A.2) Months
A.3) New Dance
A.4) Myself
A.5) Grabbing Smoke
A.6) Cold You Baby

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