Thursday, 16 September 2010

Fresh Blood > The Delfields

Name: The Delfields
Origin: New Brunswick, New Jersey, US
Genre: Indie Pop

from Bedroom Girls LP (due out on September 30th, self-released)
from Bedroom Girls LP (due out on September 30th, self-released) 
[Download the full length LP here

[Read below the interview with the band]

1. How would you describe your sound in a few words?
Dreamy, diverse, and hazy.

2. Name 3 bands without whom you wouldn't exist.
Guided By Voices, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and Belle and Sebastian.

3. If you'd have the chance to work with any film director, who would that be?
If the inconvenience of being dead can be overlooked, Louis Malle. If not, Noah Baumbach.

4. Tell us a bit about the making of these songs.
Each song is named after a girl; a girl who in one way or another has had a profound (not necessarily romantic) influence on a member of the group. The songs all sonically  reflect their subjects' personalities. 
The album is presented as a series of dreams, with the first song marking the descent into sleep and the final song being the dream that one has just as one is beginning to wake.

5. Do you still buy CDs/vinyl/tape?
CDs are clearly the most accurate reproduction of sound for the consumer, albeit a bit expensive for what they are. With vinyl, one is getting more product for one's money, as well as something that feels more like a commodity, not to mention that hearing music played on a record is somehow more gratifying than a CD. 
Cassettes are really only for aesthetic value and lack sonic quality; they're cool but for us do not provide a very gratifying listening experience. Ultimately, if we like a band and want to support what they do, we will purchase their music regardless of the medium they utilize.

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