Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Fresh Blood > Tjutjuna

Name: Tjutjuna
Origin: Denver, Colorado, US
Genre: Psychedelic, Space Rock


from the upcoming S/T LP (out September 28th on Fire Talk)

[Exclusive interview with Brian (guitar) and Rob (bass) over the jump]


1. How would you describe your sound in a few words?
Heavy, psychedelic, textural, hypnotic.

2. Name 3 bands without whom you wouldn't exist.
Acid Mothers Temple, Pink Floyd, Faust.

3. If you'd have the chance to work with any film director, who would that be?
If Harold Ramis and Alejandro Jodorowsky could collaborate in a Holy Mountain/Caddyshack style flick that'd be the best we could hope for.

4. Tell us a bit about the making of these songs.
We write all of our songs as loose ideas, and build from there until it's a series of queues, transitions, crescendos. We never really play them the same way twice.
These songs were recorded at our friends Woodsman's house in Early February. The album as a whole didn't really start to take shape until we brought the tracks into the computer and were able to hone in the specific texture and shape we wanted for the final product.

5. Do you still buy CDs/vinyl/ tape?
Vinyl, when we can afford it.

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