Friday, 27 August 2010

Fresh Blood > Fiveng

Name: Fiveng
Origin: San Francisco, California, Us
Genre: Chillwave, Pop

debut double A-side single (Beachtapes, 2010)
[free download from the artist's bandcamp]

[Interview with Nicholas Ng aka Fiveng after the jump]

1. How would you describe your sound in a few words?
Pop songs made on a computer. Reverby soundscapes. Catchy.

2. Name 3 bands without whom you wouldn't exist.
Jimi Hendrix Experience, Led Zeppelin, Smashing Pumpkins.

3. If you'd have the chance to work with any film director, who would that be?
Wong Kar Wai, Jean Luc Godard, Pedro Almodovar, Jim Jarmusch, Kurosawa, Truffaut..Too many good ones to just pick one!

4. Tell us a bit about the making of these songs.
I made these songs as ephemeral expressions of whoever I was at the moment in time when they were made. 
A certain energy comes from within/beyond and passes through me. The end result of those energies/feelings are my songs (not to make it sound so ridiculously cosmic or profound, but it is true). All the songs are very personal and are a means of letting go of a particular energy that each one embodies.

5. Do you still buy CDs/vinyl/ tape?
I haven't bought CDs in at least 4 years or so. Never was into tapes. Still buy vinyl on occasion, but mainly old records, never indie.

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