Friday, 13 August 2010

Fresh Blood > AIDS Wolf

Name: AIDS Wolf
Origin: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Genre: Experimental, Punk


from the upcoming LP March To The Sea (soon on Skingraft Records)

[Exclusive and amazing Q&A with Chloe Lum after the jump]


1. How would you describe your sound in a few words?
An accumulation and release of pain articulated via a musical game of ping pong.

2. Name 3 bands without whom you wouldn't exist.
Black Flag. US Maple. Captain Beefheart.

3. If you'd have the chance to work with any film director, who would that be?

4. Tell us a bit about the making of this songs.
We always tape our rehearsals, and the main idea came up from one of our rehearsal tapes.
The first part that was pointed out was the first 20 seconds or so. Yannick built up the main structure by assembling this part and another older guitar part together from different bits and pieces of previous riffs from older rehearsals, making this kind of frankenstein of a song. Even this short silence in the middle was an interesting accident that was included from an old jam.
We learned the piece as is, then adjusted the length of some parts and the time signature of Myles' bit, decided to repeat the first part's Alex riff in the kind of "bridge" there but played two times slower by Myles, and repeated the first part again at the end.

The lyrics came from notes I took on tour while reading Guignol's Band by LF Celine, a book that is pretty much a how-to guide on war-era miserable living. In the lyrics , the protagonist is reading and simultaneous writing an updated guide on petty sufferance, constantly crossing out passages and putting in new ones.

I try to always have the vocal melodies be pretty different from what the guitars or drums are doing to add more interest  but on this song the vocals tend to follow the guitars first Myles' then Alex's.
Then in the "bridge" I go off and do my own thing.

5. Do you still buy CDs/vinyl/ tape?
Yeah, we all buy tons of music. I'm say mostly vinyl but we all buy tapes and some CDs too.
We hit up A LOT of record stores while we are on tour and do a fair bit of mailorder as well. Alex and I both DJ on a semi-regular basis, that helps us feel more justified spending a huge chunck of our earnings on records. Ha ha!

From stuff I bought semi-recently, my main 2 jams lately are Puffy Areolas - In The Army 1981 and Tonetta - 777. Ultimate summer party records.

My fave record stores to hit up are Exiled Records in Portland, Criminal Records in Atlanta, Amoeba (Berkley location), Hits and Misses in Toronto, Cheap Thrills and Phonopolis in Montreal , Permanent Records and Reckless in Chicago and Size Records in Oklahoma City.
I like to mailorder from Fusetron and Florida is Dying.

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