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Fresh Blood > Ouija

Name: Ouija
Origin: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US
Genre: Lo-fi, Surf


(unreleased recordings, 2009)
(unreleased, 2010)

[Exclusive Q&A with the one-man-band behind Ouija after the jump]


1. How would you describe your sound in a few words?
Cliche bullshit same old 2 step boring, worst shit I ever heard, awful earrings.

2. Name 3 bands without whom you wouldn't exist.
ABBA. My aunt would blast there tape everyday after school on the ride home etching it deeply into my prefrontal cortex.
Everly Brothers. 3rd grade teacher substituted recess for a trip to a portable where her friend came and introduced us to 45s. She played the dream song/teen angel. I mimicked the melody everyday on the walk home for months. Lead to me draining the batteries in parents walkman.
And Sixto Rodriguez, after hearing Height Street Dialogue, " folks hoax and sugarman.." I hit up the pawn. Bought shit guitar. Quit job.

3. If you'd have the chance to work with any film director, who would that be?
John Waters - Desperate Living.

4. Tell us a bit about the making of this/these song/s.
I just start hitting my guitar/speaking in tounges/go into a zen like loop without any preconceived notions on what it is I'm going to do or any care for anything till I feel something tingly then I document it before forgetting how it went. The song evolves pretty rapidly. I'll continuously loop and add or subtract certain vocal patterns till I'm somewhat satisfied. I then shift gears till the shoe fits. I loop it so much that the vocal sounds start turning into words. I write down little parts that sound like what it is I'm saying and play with it. But I hardly ever write lyrics.
I like write phrases, sayings, metaphors, slangs, oxymorons, abstract stuff. Something I'm reading or over heard that strikes a chord with me. And auto antonyms are really cool too. Little inspirational pieces to drop the first domino on a potential whole page of mumbo jumbo. I've only wrote down lyrics to the songs that have been released offically, if that.

Lately, I've been recording on my cellphone. This is all a really dumb method for me because all these 10-30 second to a minute bits just add up. I do it on cassette tapes too. I got about 20 tapes with bits of potential songs. I use to do it right into my laptop mic as well, but that whole method of recording has become very vapid. Nothing is as practical as my cellphone right now.
Although I want to...ironically, I hardly ever go back to these bits. I know if I had bandmates/ friends I would be more consistent on working with each song at a time. But I'm a recluse. And avoid people/conversation.
Latley I've found a 4track recorder and some other analog equipment through flea markets and craigslist which is great for buying this short of shit because you can bargin down the price with most people.
I'm putting together a tiny analog studio. So far I haven't spent more then 100 dollars and the equipment is solid gold. All I need is some reels/tape/cables before I can start working on this rubiks cube. All the work I'm putting in with that has motivated me start ironing my shit out and keep me hanging onnn!

5. Do you still buy CDs/vinyl/ tape?
In the passed 2 months..

Psychedelic Horseshit - Golden Oldies,
Big Stick EP,
Devo - New Traditionalists;
(from local record store)

Beat Happening - You Turn Me On & Music To Climb The Apple Tree By,
Sonic Youth - The Eternal,
France Gall Compilation;
(all from the library which I ripped onto my laptop)

Digitally downloaded:
an ancient Crux mixtape of Half Machine Records blog,
the Colleen Green EP of Stereo Sanctity blog,
and most recently the M*ASHtape #7 !!

DJ Do Woop - Xmas 93,
DJ Kay Slay - The Matrix Double mix tape,
Cut Master C'S Double mix tape,
Tony Touch 97 - DJ Clue The Perfect Storm mixtape,
Best of Queensbridge mixtape.

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